Monday, January 19, 2015

I've got a Scowl on my face for this one!!!

ScowlerScowler by Daniel Kraus

Imagine your father is a monster. Would that mean there are monsters inside you, too?

Nineteen-year-old Ry Burke, his mother, and little sister scrape by for a living on their dying family farm. Ry wishes for anything to distract him from the grim memories of his father's physical and emotional abuse. Then a meteorite falls from the sky, bringing with it not only a fragment from another world but also the arrival of a ruthless man intent on destroying the entire family. Soon Ry is forced to defend himself by resurrecting a trio of imaginary childhood protectors: kindly Mr. Furrington, wise Jesus, and the bloodthirsty Scowler.~Goodreads

This book was different from anything I've read in YA fiction. Honestly, I found it both intense and frustrating at the same time. There were so many moments that seemed to stretch out too long without full resolution of the problem at hand. I desperately wanted Ry to just do something, ANYTHING! This book was all at the same time, scary, heart-stopping,intense, and gruesome. You will wait in suspense, all the while willing someone in the family to fight back! This book is definitely not for the squeamish!

The biggest thing I didn't like, besides all the gore, was the introduction of the character "Scalper Jim", an Indian.  As a Nipmuck woman, I'm tired of imagery in books for young people that depict Native people in such a stereotypical way. Disappointed in Kraus for this depiction, as it does nothing but reinforce in young people distorted views of Native people and culture.

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