Thursday, December 18, 2014

Teen book review

Abigail gave this book 5 stars!

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover 

by Ally Carter 

In this book by Ally Carter, Cammie and her friends almost get kidnapped on a roof in Boston.  They get really hurt and have to live with that moment in their minds for the rest of their lives.  Cammie's friend, Macy's mom, is over protective and sends agents to their school (Gallagher Academy), which is a spy school, to keep her safe.  On top of all this, in Boston, a guy named Zach kisses Cammie and now is always around to make sure she's okay.  Cammie has to deal with boy problems on top of all the spy problems she faces.

Why I would recommend this book:
I would recommend this book to people that like boy books and spy books, because it talks a lot about boy problems and being a spy at the same time.

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