Sunday, July 27, 2014

Love Hunger Games? Join us July 30th at 6 pm!!!!

The Coventry Public Library will be hosting Animal World Experience Hunger Games program!

Animal World ExperienceThe Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire(Advanced Techniques and Primitive Skills Course) 
You have survived the arena, but the odds are never in your favor!  Now you have been selected for the lethal Quarter Quell.  Pitted against a deadly pool of other victors, this Hunger Games will not be like the last!
Ø      Learn the construction of grass mats and their extreme importance
Ø      Discover how to extract purified water from trees utilizing a homemade spile
Ø      Learn the art of primitive fire-making with a hand-drill and flint & steel
Ø      Receive step by step instruction on fabricating water proof bowls from both coconut shells and tree bark
Ø      Practice advanced snaring techniques so you will never go hungry
Ø      Observe the construction and use of Finnick’s trident spear
Ø      Experience the primitive archery of District 12 as one or more participants get the chance to shoot a wooden bow!

Embracing the skills and techniques contained in this advanced training course will ensure that you not only survive, but thrive.  You will become the Mockingjay.