Monday, March 31, 2014

Teen Book Review ~ Tony hawk: Professional Skateboarder ~ by Kaicie

Tony hawk: Professional Skateboarder byTony Hawk with Sean Mortimer

This book is about living life as Tony Hawk. Tony writes about his life on paper from birth, to being a “maniac kid”, to picking up a skateboard for the very first time, to growing up a professional and ending it all with a bang. Tony was a caring loving and grateful kid who had goals and dreams and always continues to push them to the extreme. He first started skating as a kid when his college bound brother found him a flimsy old board. Growing up a skate rat was torture and fun all at once; he grew up being bullied because he was a skater and did what he had passion for. Unlike all the followers Mr. Hawk knew and saw growing up, Tony himself was a leader. Also, once he became famous life wasn’t all that altruistic either, with paparazzi on the loose, but through his goals, passion and determination Tony pushed through it all. This text is very enjoyable and exciting because any kid could read this book, and relate to it, but by the end have a new sense of who they are and can believe that their dreams can always come true not by miracles but by determination. What anyone can take away from this text is to never give up and never stop working towards your goals. Because no one is ever born successful! You’re born into the start of something new and everyone at any given time can start their journey on the road to being successful.

“Stand up for what you believe in even if that means you stand alone.”
Book Review by Kaicie ~ Grade 8