Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Book Review ~ Dogs of War by Sheila Keenan

Dogs have always played an important role in the military, and Dogs of War brings three canine heroes to life in three short stories. Each story focuses on a dog and his/her handler during three different wars. In WW I, we meet Donnie and Boots, a duo working with a medical unit to find injured soldiers and bring them to safety. In the midst of trench warfare, they become separated from their unit. The second story introduces us to Loki and Cooper, stationed in Greenland during WW II. The pair are sent to check out a downed plane, and find themselves in a race against the enemy. Finally we meet Lanford, just back from the Vietnam War. As he bonds with the fatherless boy next door and his mischievous dog, we learn, through flashbacks of Sheba, the dog Lanford worked with in Vietnam.
If you are a dog lover, history buff, short story fan or just love a good book Dogs of War is a great choice. Each story highlights the deep bond between each dog and his/her handler. Also portrayed are the dual roles these dogs played in war. They diligently performed crucial roles in finding soldiers, listening for the enemy, tracking safe routes, and sniffing for mines. The dogs also provided comfort, loyalty and love to the soldiers who often desperately needed it. Dogs of War is a wonderful portrayal of the important roles these four-legged canine heroes played in three different times of war.

Stephanie Meeks Barta