Monday, November 4, 2013

Submit a book review & Win a Free Book and other opportunities for teens to get involved @ the Coventry Public Library

Teens: How can we make the library better for you? Get Involved.  Below are some ways that you can help us to help you!

1. Visit the library -  Go to the teen zone at the CPL and check it out.  We have two teen computer stations dedicated to teen users.  We have tons of new YA fiction including most of the nominees for the Rhode Island Teen Book Award, tons of Graphic Novels, and audio-books.

2. Join our teen book blog - Log on and go to
This book blog and discussion site is a place for you to find information on new books purchased by the CPL, just for you.  You can comment on blog posts (in fact, I encourage it!) and find links to other blogs from our Blog Roll page, check out Author websites, find book-lists and learn about contests sponsored by the CPL.

3. Submit a book review - If you have read a book lately and would like to write a review for it and have it posted on the blog, then click the Review It! button on the right side of this page.  Fill out the form and hit Submit.  I will read it and post it on the blog if it meets approval.  No spoilers please:)

4.  Make a purchase suggestion - you can do this in person at the CPL teen zone or online at Just fill out the form and hit submit (if doing it online) or drop it in the coffee can (if in person).

5.  Answer the 2013 Teen Questionnaire - On this blog select the page that says Teen Questionnaire.  Fill out the form and hit Submit.  If in person, go to the teen zone and you will find a paper questionnaire, fill it out and leave it with a librarian or in the basket provided.

6. Make a Snowflake - Come in to the library and make a snowflake (found in the teen zone) or make one at home and drop it off (in the teen zone). These will be displayed and used to decorate for winter.